Classic Theme – Elgg 1.9

Classic Theme for Elgg has been updated! This is my most popular theme and I’m pleased to announce that it is now fully compatible with both Elgg 1.8.6+ and Elgg 1.9. Classic Theme.


Introducing Retro theme for Elgg 1.8

I’ve had some fun with my new theme, Retro theme for Elgg 1.8. [& Elgg 1.9]  I’m going to let the images do most of the talking here, but as an introduction:  The theme is carried through all the pages of the site with style,  and the background pattern is fixed – it stays in place as the centre panel scrolls over it.  There are four designs included with this theme, and each of the four designs has its own Google Font title text.

Click on each image to see it full size.

Design One


Design Two


2014 Blog News


This post is for regular readers of my blog – or for anyone who has visited before.   You may have noticed some changes?  In fact if you’ve visited a few times over the last two weeks – and you were really paying attention – you might have wondered what on earth was happening here.


My Free Elgg Themes and Plugins

Just before I stopped work for Christmas I released a new free plugin.  Nothing too fancy – just a little snippet that I thought might be useful.  Now that we are into the New Year it seems a good time to give an overview of my Free Elgg Themes and Plugins.

~Easy Theme~

Easy Theme for Elgg 1.8.6+, and for Elgg 1.9, was the first free theme I developed for Elgg.  It was actually something I had built for myself as a reference in order to upgrade an existing theme to Elgg 1.8.  I first released it to the Elgg Community 816 days ago, and back then it relied upon heavily commented code.  After a while I became tired of answering the same questions


New Year Resolutions

Well not really – I don’t make New Year Resolutions – but every year I spend a day thinking about the year ahead.  Nothing so simple as whether I should try to lose weight, or give up coffee… it’s more thinking about what I spend a lot of my time doing, what I’ve achieved (or failed to achieve) over the last year, and how it all contributes towards the greater plan.

Elgg Themes:  I still have a list of Elgg themes I plan to make, and I will finish the list – because it is in my nature to finish what I’ve started.  But the making of empty themes isn’t what really interests me about working on the web – I want to be designing and making websites in 2014...


Selling Digital Downloads ~ Update

I went with the WordPress downloads shop option.  Much more straightforward than the last plugin I tried, and I remembered how to use Paypal Sandbox – so that helped.  Looking good so far…

Selling Digital Downloads

When I first decided to sell my Elgg themes online I set up a wordpress plugin  – became incredibly frustrated with paypal – and immediately started looking for another way to sell digital downloads online.  I found Fetchapp, and that seemed to be a workable solution, so the White Slide theme can be bought (using Paypal) through Fetchapp.

Then I tried to upload Classic Theme but it put me over the storage limit for the free version of Fetchapp and I wasn’t ready to upgrade.  I discovered Gumroad, loved it, and both themes can now be downloaded through Gumroad.  Gumroad uses card payment – it doesn’t provide the option of payment via Paypal – so Classic Theme cannot be bought, at this time, via Paypal.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.