#edcmooc digital artefact

Here is my final assignment for the E-learning and Digital Cultures mooc.  Initial inspiration came from one of the twitter-chat questions: “Do you consider your digital identity a separate self or is it identical to your real-world self?” This inspired me to make my artefact in Second Life using Machinima techniques.

My artefact is about some of the questions I now have floating around in my head.  The #edcmooc has given me much to think about – and many, many questions that will take time to sort through completely.


  • If you have problems starting the video on my blog, please watch it on Vimeo here.
  • There is a transcript of the video after the credits below.


#edcmooc digital artefact from Emis. G on Vimeo.

The video is also about  having a genuine identity, and creating honest human connections and experiences, online.

There is a real person behind that avatar.



June: “#edcmooc! Wow! I now have so many questions floating around in my head.  Don’t you?

First, Dystopia. Science Fiction writers like to explore the idea that our use of technology will lead us into a dystopian future. I ask myself whether I have any control in humanities future – I don’t – so who does have this control?

Next, Utopia.

Here is a Utopian version of the future brought to you by Star Trek.  However, for some people, the word Utopia can evoke a vision of walking and relaxing in beautiful gardens, and wonderful natural landscapes.

So, why am I on the computer and not outside enjoying this amazing countryside.

We talked about the idea of digital natives and digital immigrants.  I’m too old to be a digital native.  I liked Amy’s idea of digital vikings, fearless explorers of new worlds.

Another question was why the classroom of the future looks like the classroom of today… with the teacher at the front, and the children sitting in rows…  It reminded me of when universities built lecture theatres in second life, when second life can do, and be, so much more.

Yet there is still a need for a gathering place. Yes, lecture theatres seem boring and conventional… Even when the designers add their own creative twist, a lecture theatre without people has very little appeal, but add the people and it comes alive with the sympathetic resonance of human beings.

#edcmooc was built around these human connections. For me… It was the asymmetrical conversations happening on the blogs… on twitter and Google+ that created the unique online learning experience.

Yet, through the Google Hangout, and the twitter chat, we were still able to experience the buzz that is created when a large group of people gather together in one place.

Being Human. Wow! Is it possible to be a person, and yet not be human? Could a robot become human? What about animals? Big, big questions, I needed to do some research.”

June: “Are you human?”

Cat: “miaoww”- “They must never know just how evolved we are.”

June:  “Are you human?”

June: “What was I thinking, of course you’re only meat!”

June: “Excuse me? Are you human” – “not again!”

June: “Are you human?”

Robot: “I am 47% stainless steel, 32% silicon and have some rare earth alloys.  I have been fitted with the sentient pathway upgrade and have the latest emotion chip with the go-faster stripes.” – “yippee”.

June: “Here’s a question for you.” – “Are you human?”

Woman in red dress: “Oh jolly good! I do like a  good philosophical debate with my cup of tea.” – “Sugar?”

June: “As for the future of human-kind. I’m leaving the last word to someone who has much more faith in humans than we have in ourselves.”

Doctor Who quote: “Humans… You always revert to the same basic shape: The Fundamental Human.  End of the Universe and here you are.  Indomitable, that’s the word! Indomitable! HA!”

Doctor Who?  (just in case you don’t know who he is)

  • Great artefact on being human. I love the fact you used SL, where sometimes you can’t be 100% certain.

    The cat was a classic, but I do think the horse should have said “Neigh” (Nay?) He he.

  • deborah gabriel

    Very inspirational video, thanks